Friday, July 8, 2011

My List of Online Resources about Porn, Sex, Masturbation and the Bible

Generic Info on masturbation:
      Pro or neutral, from Christian sources: (Bill McGinnis) (Childhood development masturbation normal) (Old Dobson article) Matt.5:28 and premarital sex in depth   (Tom Brown ministry)
A collection of articles

Church Father on Matt. 5:28 Argues both sides

Christian websites, but more emphasis on topic:

Quotes many sources and has letters.

My own testimony of getting free from porn and masturbation addiction:

Secular websites:   Ann Landers recommends masturbation to help protect young people

Girls and masturbation:

Boys and masturbation:

Ejaculation/Elimination necessary:

Why do people masturbate?

History of masturbation, similar articles:

Also see the "" or the "Wikipedia" article, much the same

Benefits of orgasm and masturbation:,2933,401722,00.html

Christian Middle of the road:

focus on family help for teens (wishy washy)

Anti-masturbation sites and How to stop masturbation

The Church's sex teaching.

100 days goals

What about porn ?   Pastor Mark Driscoll's booklet    (This site has a porn section) (married and unmarried whores)    Albert Mohler on the harm of porn

porn stats:

History of Porn:

Underlying causes of Porn Addiction: Brody, sex missionary"
Brody article (The .pdf is available somewhere) Dr. Doug Weiss on the chemicals of porn addiction
♦♦ ♦♦

Overcoming porn addiction: candeo brain chemistry male female Pornographers target the male brain. and female too

ADHD and porn addiction do you lust in your heart article
BUY: E-Book and 12 CD's

Anti-porn sites:
Documentary about hardcore porn (might be R rated )
NOTE:  I don't agree with the views and opinions of many of the sites listed. My views are summarized in the link I provided above.

Porn Recovery sites:

We are free from the power of sin: My
emancipation bulletin

Porn Blocking and Monitoring Software: (filter forced)

BOOKS on Sex Addiction Recovery

Sex questions and the Science of sexuality: (For what its worth)

BOOKS on Sex and masturbation: "A Gift For all Ages: A Family Handbook on
sexuality" "Restoring the Pleasure." Both books are by Clifford & Joyce

Victorian prudery recapped by a Christian lady (number 6) masturbation to teach hubby

Women hooked on porn:

(There are many other websites and articles)

Wives of porn addicts:

Homosexual Recovery:

Thought for the day . . .

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                                                                                                   - Mark Twain

WEBSITES FOR MARRIED COUPLES: (Best defense is a good offense !)    (very graphic)